The vision of the strange: Feed-back!

Madalina Tifrea: „During the project I have learned a lot of new things about the LGBT community and I had the opportunity to get to know the situation of gender inclusion in each of the participant countries from native youngsters. During the sessions I liked the fact that we needed to challenge our creativity and that everybody had been sharing experiences and opinions about the topics and that the discussions where always encouraged. I`m planing on collaborating with certain people from the project in order to stop bullying and violence towards LGBT community trough education and information, I felt inspired by the experiences which participants shared. The accommodation and food where really good. I`m tankful for the experience and the opportunity that I had meeting youngsters from countries with generally different ideas about LGBT community and gender. Despite the cultural differences during the sessions all of us agreed what should be done and what we can do as individuals in order to solve the problems that each of us faces or experiences in their countries. For me it has been a great experience and I had made many friends from all the participant countries.”


Bianca Pretor: „…first of all I would like to thank you and the organisers for making this projekt possible. It was a very nice, interesting, beautiful, educative and challanging experience. I met so many different people with so different backgrounds that I wanted to get to know them all better and find out more about them. I learned a lot about a subject I did not think I will learn and it opened my mind so much more. I felt so close to a lot of people and I personally think that the fact that the internet was not working helped a lot, even though there were some complains about it. After this exchange I look at myself and at the other people differently, I realise that I can do so much more and that I want to help to change the world. It is something big to dream about but I think that if everyone tries just a little bit, a change will be made. I truly believe that everyone should be the change they want to see in the world. The projekt, the workshops, the trainers, the participants, the staff…actually everything, will remain in my heart forever and it will always give me a reason to smile when I think about it. Thank you!”


Roxana Dinescu: „I enjoyed a lot being part of The vision of the strange and contribute my grain of sand to developing it. Due to the well informed trainers, I received new information about the topic and I think that the main objective of the project, increasing the social awareness regarding the gender equality and the rights of the LGBT community, was definitely achieved.It was an awesome experience getting to meet people with different cultural background and I would recommand it to everyone. The organizing team was always willing to help the participants to fully enjoy this learning experience by providing all the necessary tools.”



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