Looking for participants – Youth exchange – Young Entrepreneurs! – Costinesti, Romania

Because unforgimages (2)ettable experiences don’t come from your comfort zone, we invite you to step outside it!

We are challenging you to join us in the latest youth exchange and try a lot of new things: from non-formal education methods to words in other languages, types of food and drinks; in addition, you have the opportunity to meet 36 new people with whom you can keep talking for 11 days.

We will discuss, in an non-formal way, about entrepreneurial and employment opportunities of young people in Romania, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Venue: Costinesti, Romania

– Entrepreneurial learning – entrepreneurship education
– Youth employability
– Inclusion of marginalised young people

Participating countries: Romania, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Project type: youth exchange under the Erasmus+ framework

Period: 24 November – 04 December 2022

… more details, here !

If you are curious and want to join us, send us your application form (available here).

We are looking forward to seeing you in Romania!

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