Feedback from the Youth Exchange „Wake up and be enterprising!”

Wake up and be enterprising

When you think of a dayDSC01276, in which all you have to do is to catch a plane to a country where you haven`t been in your life, but of which you know how beautiful it is, it doesn’t sound such difficult and tiring thing to do. But things don’t usually happen the way they should, so a normal day turns into an extraordinary adventure, and not an ordinary one, a Polish Adventure full of beautiful people, landscapes and thoughts:

Ana: In this Erasmus + project I learned a lot of new things and it helped me become more open towards new, more tolerable and possess a bigger base of knowledge. Through doing various cultural activities with people from other countries, I learned to appreciate the importance of the creative expression of emotions, ideas, and experiences. When I came back from this project I discovered that I feel more confident and independent willing to face challenges and adapt to different problems and situations as I had to create a home away from home.

Lavinia: Participating in this youth exchange has been an enlightning and highly enjoyable experience for me. Seeing that it was my first project of this kind, i wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect, but what happened in Lodz undoubtedly exceeded my expectations.

I got the chance to meet remarkable people from various countries and the ideas we shared, the experiences we lived deffinitely had an impact on me. I understood how we are all so similar, yet there are specific differences that make each of us unique.

This fruitful exchange of ideas between us made itself felt when adressing the topic of entrepreneurship and how to overcome our fears and doubts and do something constructive. The interactive nature of the workshops and trainings was highly appreciated by me mainly because we understood the steps necessary to start up a business.

Cristina: This project not only helped me to enhance my communication skills, social skills and my entreprenorial skills, but also it made me realise the real economic situation of the labor market of the EU countries. This experience showed me that we have the power to revert the negative trend of growing youth unemployment in Europe, no matter which barriers occur.It strengthened my perspective on life in terms of social and economic challenges we face with nowadays and also made me realise once again how many things we have in common. In this project I have learned about the whole process: how to start from an idea and how to end with a business plan and present it on the “market”. This experience strengthened my beliefs about the role that each of us has in the propagation of change and moreover, made me want to expand my horizons by knowing and experiencing new things.

This Polish Adventure can`t be expressed in words, but what it is for sure is that it changed our perspectives. We worked together as a team, as a family, we shared ideas and thoughts, we removed the communication barriers, we attached to cultural diversity, and most important, we bounded friendships.

In the diversity of our ideas, cultures and identities, we saw something that is more important than everything; we saw that it doesn`t matter what differences are between us, but how we can use this to know, to understand and to learn from each other.




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