Testimonialele participantilor in urma mobilitatii: „Extreme Realities”

Em14708135_10210863193961131_3890077435631092916_nilian Stefan: „As an Erasmus+/Youth Exchange rookie, I went to Extreme Realities with hopes but also with uncertainties. Those uncertainties quickly disappeared as I started to meet the people involved in the project.

I understood that I was among friends and that there was nothing to worry about. All the participants were smart, friendly and down to Earth. I enjoyed interacting with them, a lot.
My national team was a huge support for me. The trainers were brilliant and did a terrific job. The organizers were extremely professional and made us feel like we were home. The activities we were involved in, were fun and I’ve learned a lot from them and from the project as a whole. The Terrablanca Rural Hotel is a comfortable place, so the accommodations were great.
The whole experience was very enjoyable and I’d like to participate in future Erasmus+ projects.”

Denisa Visan: „This experience might be a bit scary, but for sure needs to be done by everyone.
Our internship in Spain was an amazing experience. We met many wonderful people and relations with many of them have transformed into friendship. I think that our languages levels have improved significantly. We suggest everybody take a chance and go abroad with the Erasmus programme – you will get an extreme experience!”

 Ionut Balaban: „It was the first time I participated in a project of this type, but it certainly won’t be the last! I am glad I had the opportunity to meet so many people from different countries from which I had so much to learn about their culture, lifestyles and the „extreme realities” present in their lives. The trainers were very friendly and easy-going but punctual and always respected the schedule and the hostel was superb.”

Andrei Banu: „For me, it was first time when I participated in a Erasmus+ project and it was a unique experince.
 I hope to be possible that we might meet again, not necessarily in a project. I think that my communication skill in  foreign languages was improved a little bit.”

Alin Potinche: „I was very happy to be  team leader in this project, I found very nice topics and debates, professionals to delivery the content, good and nice people for the accommodation and food, and very prepared and open-mind participant from all the countries involved in this youth exchange.
I would like to congratulate the organizers, they did a great job, the trainers, for the way they did this experience unique, and the youth from the project, for sharing their toughs and ideas with us!”
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