Cook Book – “Youth Culinary Club – European common cuisine”

“Youth Culinary Club – European common cuisine” was a project, in which 28 participants from 4 European countries: Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania, took part.

The project was funded by the Erasmus + program.

During the project the youth exchange took place in Poronin from 5 until 12.03.2018. During the exchange, we had the opportunity to learn about the history, tradition and present-day customs. We also participated in various activities, e.g. workshops and games during which we were looking for common denominators, which are connecting our cultures. Through this activities, we managed to develop a new approach to the diet, combine it with a healthy lifestyle and we also realized the importance of nutritional education. We believe that promoting healthy diet, using unprocessed products in the preparation of meals will increase well-being and contribute to good health. During the project, we had a chance of the cross-cultural dialogue, getting rid of stereotypes and prejudices. We believe that thanks to this, we have strengthened our attitude of tolerance and mutual respect even more.

Thanks to participation in the workshops and team work, we developed our creativity and adaptability in the conditions other than those known to us. These are significant benefits in the context of changes taking place in the world. All our skills and competence have been confirmed by the international Youthpass certificate. This certificate is recognised by the employers throughout Europe and we hope that it will open new opportunities for us. The knowledge and experience acquired during the project contributed very much to our personal development.

You can find our cook book, here. Cook Book was create by participants during the project „Youth Culinary Club – european common cuisine”.

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